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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Bovington/Lulworth Garrison Drive-in Bonfire Night - 6 Nov UPDATE


38 (FREE) tickets remaining. Registration ends 4 NOV 

The 2020 Drive-In Bonfire Night will be held at Bindon Range, Lulworth camp on 6 November.

This invite is open on a first come, first served basis up to a maximum of 200 cars. The event is free and open to you and your dependents/family but is not open to anyone who doesn’t work at Bovington Garrison or the wider general public so please do not pass on the invite.

Please note you will remain in your car at all times except in the case of an emergency. 

Further information and registration can be accessed via the link below or click the QR Code image


Samaritans How We Can Help The Military - Armed Forces Guide

Being in the Armed Forces means that you are exposed to a higher degree of risk and pressure than you might expect in other jobs, but we've got some practical information on how to look out for your teammates, how to discuss things with them and where to go for more support.

Support your team – stand by your mates

Click here for the Armed forces Guide
& below for more information.

Bovington Tank Museum - Job Vacancies

For latest vacancies at the Tank Museum click JOBS

Halloween Costume Safety


Whether for a specific occasion like Halloween, or simply playing around the house, young children love to dress up. Unfortunately, fancy dress clothing has been implicated in a number of serious accidents.

Toy dress-up clothing can burn rapidly when accidentally ignited by contact with an open flame, such as a candle or open fire. This can cause serious injury, burns, and potentially death. Children are especially vulnerable in circumstances when they are playing without adult supervision.

To read this safety advice online, click HERE

Blandford Camp SSVC Cinema - Latest Showings

For full details of all showings including trailers and entry costs etc
go to  CINEMA

HM Treasury: Winter Economy Plan - Updated 22nd October

Additional government support to provide certainty to businesses and workers impacted by coronavirus across the UK.

The Charity For Civil Servants


We support civil servants, past and present, when times are tough, listening without judgement and offering practical, financial and emotional support.

It’s easier when you and your family have got a whole community behind you.

And that's why – and how – we exist.

Army Welfare Service : Halloween Fun Booklet

Click link HERE for the full activity Halloween booklet

Dorset - Covid19 Update Live Plus Q&A Session Today - Thur 29 Oct

On Thursday 29 October at 5pm, a Covid-19 Q&A session will be streamed online live. Please submit your Covid-19 related questions in advance so they can be answered by a a panel of experts from the council, Public Health and the Police on the day. 

Please note there may not be time for all questions but the panel will aim to get through an many as they can and will focus on the questions that have the most relevance to the most people. 

Submit your questions
Find out more
Catch up on Youtube after the broadcast

Recruit For Spouses


Recruit for Spouses is an independent social enterprise dedicated to supporting, championing and finding gainful employment for an untapped talent pool of spouses and partners to members of our Armed Forces.

We work to overcome outdated perceptions about mobility and suitability and provide the tools for spouses to return to the workplace and excel in their chosen path.

We provide unparalleled understanding and support of the employment situation of military spousesand provide a supportive community for spouses to get back into the workplace.

For further information please click HERE