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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

MOD Estates - Fly Tipping

Fly tipping (the illegal dumping of waste) is a criminal offence, damages the environment, is anti-social, costs the MOD valuable resources to remove, and can be dangerous (such as hazardous waste or heavy items that could injure children). It is in everyone’s interest to dispose of waste correctly, and to help the authorities find and prosecute people who do not.

Act responsibly
If you have waste to dispose of, please act responsibly and take it to a local authority waste or recycling centre. Dumping items like furniture and fridges on your own patch or elsewhere is not only unsightly for your neighbours, it could be dangerous for local children. In addition, once an area gets a reputation for being a dumping site, it often encourages others to add to the pile.

Report it
If you witness any fly tipping activity in your area please report it to the relevant authorities – such as the Unit, Police or Local Authority (for nearby public areas). It will help if you make a note of the vehicle type, registration number or any other relevant information. However be careful; don’t challenge the fly tippers and don’t place yourself in harms way to gather evidence.

Get it removed
If the waste has been dumped in an SFA area, please report it to your relevant maintenance helpdesk who will remove it at MOD expense.