Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Blandford Camp - Welfare/Contact House Short Term Use Accommodation

The contact house for Blandford Camp is located in Service Families accommodation at 22 College Road.

This welfare accommodation is available throughout the year for single days, weekends and full weeks.  The maximum duration of stay is two weeks.  Please Note: **Bookings can only be taken 1 month in advance from 0830 hrs.

Priority is given to soldiers who have visitation/access rights with their children from a prior relationship.  Periods around half-term and school holidays, will, whenever possible be set aside for this purpose.  

The cost per night is £40

The accommodation is available for all soldiers to rent for visiting relatives. These are defined as parents, grandparents and brothers/sister of the soldier or his/her spouse (this does not include partners or girl/boyfriends).  

If during a stay in the contact house, a welfare case should arise then the inhabitants will be asked to vacate the quarter.

For further details or to book please contact:

Army Welfare Service Office - Williams Building
01258 482450 Mil: 94371 2450