Thursday, 22 June 2017

Recycle For Dorset Service - Latest News

Larger Bin For families

Families of five or more can apply for a larger bin for residual waste. The DWP will only supply a larger bin for residual waste once satisfied that the household has made every reasonable effort to divert waste through recycling, and that the household requirement for extra capacity is genuine. Extra capacity will be provided as follows:
  • Up to four permanent occupants in the household - standard 140-litre residual waste bin
  • Five or more permanent occupants in household - 240-litre residual waste bin
With effect from 2017/18 where a household meets the criteria for additional capacity for a large family, an administration and delivery charge will be levied to make this change.

Children in disposable nappies

The DWP encourages the use of modern washable nappies (real nappies) as an alternative to disposables. Real nappies are widely available and the DWP operates an incentive scheme to help with the financial cost of buying real nappies. However, some families with young children who use disposable nappies may have additional residual waste needs. As a result, the DWP will offer families with small children additional residual waste capacity.

Families with one or more children in disposable nappies under three years of age can apply to the DWP for additional residual waste capacity.  With effect from 2017/18 only households that are not eligible for additional capacity for a larger family are able to apply for additional sacks for disposable nappies. Additionally, from 2017/18 each application for additional sacks due to disposable nappies will be subject to payment of an administration and delivery charge.

Where applications are approved, the DWP will issue a pack of 26 authorised sacks to the household. This equates to one additional waste sack per residual waste collection. The purpose of the sack is to increase capacity, not act as a receptacle for used nappies. The householder may place other residual waste within the sack and place used nappies within the wheeled bin. The authorised sack may be presented beside the residual waste wheeled bin. Applications for authorised sacks must be made on an annual basis.