Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Purbeck Residents - Electoral Role Household Enquiry Form

Purbeck residents are being reminded to look out for the Household Enquiry Form which is dropping on doormats this August.

Every household in Purbeck will be receiving a form and residents are being asked to check the details and update them if necessary.

The form will be addressed to "the occupier" and will contain the details of all those in the household currently on the voting register. Properties where no one is registered to vote will receive a blank form.

Every household is required by law to make sure the details on the form are correct and to add any missing details.

The form should be signed and returned in the pre-paid envelope provided.  Alternatively, Purbeck residents can call the Electoral Services Team on 01929 557219 to confirm their details.

Steve Mackenzie, Electoral Registration Officer for Purbeck District Council said: “You will need to check the details on the form and add anyone else living at the address who is eligible to vote but not listed.

“If you’ve moved recently, you won’t have automatically been registered to vote at your new address, so please check the form as soon as it arrives and add any missing details.”
Steve added: “If you do not respond promptly, the Council has to send reminders, so please respond to the first form to save unnecessary costs to council tax payers.”